Labor rates

Labor Rates

Repair work costs $70 an hour.

Expedited labor (we drop everything and do it while you wait) costs 50% extra unless you have scheduled an appointment (meaning we don’t have to drop everything) or if you just bought a bike from us and need to make ready before you take it home (indeed, that work typically costs nothing and we put a tech on it immediately).

Warranty labor, fixing a manufacturer’s defect, is done at a 50% rebate. While it isn’t our fault that a manufacturer’s part fails, we still feel for you. Gratuitous labor, such as the free check over mentioned in the next section, is at a 100% discount.

Please note that unscheduled expedited labor (where you show up unannounced and need it done immediately) can be done on discounted labor, but the 50% extra charge will still apply. So if you are driving from far away, as many of our customers must, please call to schedule the work. There is of course only one of us here, so scheduling is a must.

Initial set up service

When you buy a bike from us, we charge you for the bike and we figure in the cost of getting the bike shipped to us. However we don’t charge you for the cost of the labor involved in building the bike, which is sometime a heckuva lot of work.

This free service policy extends to any upgrades that you make at the time of purchase, such as better tires, better pedals, lower gears, or the like. You pay for the parts, but not the labor to install them. Similarly, if some parts prove unsatisfactory once you get the bike home and start riding it (usually the need for lower gears) then you pay for the parts and not the labor until you are satisfied with the bike. This policy does not necessarily extend to all accessories, notably not to wired computers or fenders which are technically simple to install but time-consuming nonetheless.

We will do one free check over (a $50 value) on a new bike within the first 6 months of purchase, or longer by agreement.

Special Orders

We ask 50% down on special orders, with the balance due upon acceptance of the bike.

If you start a special order but then get poor and can’t pay it off, we’ll be understanding about it (it happens), but you won’t just get your deposit back. The following restrictions apply:

You get your deposit back in store credit only.
You get your store credit 30 days after you cancel your order. This gives us a chance to recoup some of the money we’ve spent getting the special order in.
Should we choose to send your special ordered bike back to the manufacturer, they will probably charge us restocking fees, as well as freight charges. We will document these fees and reduce your credit accordingly.

Return Policy

Return Policy

Bikes and Trikes:
You may return a recumbent purchased from A Different Bent for store credit within three business days of purchase.  A Different Bent reserves the right to charge a restocking fee based on the condition of the bicycle.  Cash Refund requests are considered on an individual basis, but be advised that we will charge a restocking fee with a cash refund.  Real work goes into getting a cycle ready, and it needs to be paid for somehow.

Parts and accessories:
P&A may be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase unless it has been damaged through normal use or neglect. Original packaging is required and must be in good condition. Your purchase receipt will be required. If you do not have your receipt, please contact us before bringing in your item.

Used Recumbents

We can help you sell a used recumbent. We will photograph and inspect your bike, post it on the online market, fend off the scammers, take credit card payment, and pack and ship your bike. We support the buyer after the sale, but we also watch out for their interest during the sale. You do no real work and have no real worries.

You must do the following:
  • Bring us your bike for photographing and inspection. The bike must be rideable for this. If it is not rideable then bring it and drop it off for the necessary service to get it rideable. (We will charge you for this service, but it usually doesn’t take much to get a bike to be rideable. If it just needs the tires pumped up then you can use our pump.)
  • Store the bike during the selling period. We will not take the bike off of your hands. You are responsible for keeping it in good shape while it is waiting for a buyer. We ask that you do not post the bike on the local market while we are helping to sell the bike. If the bike is damaged during this time then the whole sale will be re-negotiated. Please be careful in how you transport your bike. Always strap down a bike in a pickup truck bed.
  • Bring it back to us once we have secured a buyer. Then you collect your check from us and go.
    You set the selling price and have full control of it during the selling process. We can offer guidelines on how to price your bike, based on our experience. The more you ask, then the longer you will be holding onto it.

If you want cash for your bike, then we will collect a commission. This commission will be determined by A Different Bent, between 30% – 40% of the selling price (you determine the selling price but we determine the commission), based wholly on the condition of the bike. “Like new” bikes will need only a 30% commission. Ones that are in poor shape will require a higher commission since there will be more work in making them presentable to the customer and greater risk to us of something being wrong with it that is not readily detectable. This commission will be set at the time the bike is photographed. Our minimum commission is $200, so if you are selling the bike at $600 or less then this may result in a higher commission.

If you are selling your bike in the interest of upgrading, we can offer the whole selling price in store credit. We don’t take any commission if you are taking payment in store credit.

We can buy a bike from you outright if you are in a big hurry, but we will only do this with people that we know, like regular customers or people to whom we sold the bike originally. You will probably not be pleased with what we offer you unless you are desperate, which is why we recommend our selling it on commission. Figure on something like 20% of the retail price.


Payment information

Payment information:

We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, checks, and good old cash.

Returned checks are subject to a $30 processing fee.